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La Lavandera

Household linen


With the hectic pace of everyday life, we don't always have the time to wash those larger items that require special attention: blankets, curtains, sofa covers, quilts...

Why should they be cleaned frequently?

Daily use can, especially if there are pets at home, make these items accumulate dirt, mites and bad smells that can often go unnoticed but make our homes lose their freshness.

We recommend that, with the change of seasons, you thoroughly clean of all these items. This will allow you to start the new season with a fresh and clean home.

Why shouldn't we clean these items at home?

They are usually large. Heavy items that absorb a lot of water, which can damage the washing machine drum.

Also, exposure to the sun and bad washing can damage the fabric and colours, giving it a worn appearance.

Not having the right tools and products, washing at home does not guarantee complete cleanliness and hygiene of clothes.


Don't risk it!

You can rely on our professional service for your specific and valuable items. We make it easy for you: we pick up and deliver your items when and where it best suits you.

Don't ruin your rugs, curtains or sofa covers exposing them to the sun or incorrect cleaning processes. Don't waste your time unnecessarily with heavy tasks that have an easy solution. Do you need help?