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La Lavandera

Leather, suede and other furs

Leather and suede

Leather is a natural product that requires maintenance. Due to its porosity, stains can penetrate quickly, so it is necessary to act quickly and accurately, with specific treatments for each type of leather.


As the name suggests, leather items are made with the dermis of different animals, some examples are: nobuk, suede, smooth leather, buffalo leather, rectified leather or patent leather. Each has specific characteristics and requires different care.

In La Lavandera, we work with experts specialized in the care of leather items who will analyze both the type of stain and the type of leather, in order to apply the most appropriate treatment and return the best possible appearance to this material.

Don't risk it!

A leather garment can last for many years if properly maintained. In order to do so, leave it to the professionals!

Some maintenance tips:

  • To maintain a leather item of clothing, it is important to give it a specialized cleaning treatment once a year.
  • Never wet a leather item, you could damage it.
  • Do not store your leather items of clothing near heat sources, they could dehydrate them and cause cracking.